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PowerHouse Energy Group (PHE) is a leader in low-cost, high-efficiency, ultra high temperature gasification in the Waste-to-Energy market.  Using the PHE G3-UHt units, we can develop projects for the gasification, and energy extraction, of difficult to manage waste-streams, generating clean synthesis gas- with zero emissions - and no smokestack. PHE virtually eliminates all waste and what...

PowerHouse Energy

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Big picture - Why invest in PowerHouse Energy

PowerHouse Energy Snapshot

We are a leading developer of on-site clean energy systems and long term energy off-take services, using renewable and waste feedstocks to generate electric and thermal energy in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.

PowerHouse Energy Group plc (AIM:PHE) has developed the innovative PHE G3-UHt waste-to-energy, ultra-high temperature gasification reactor technology together with auxiliary waste and power solutions. The company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in June 2011.

This technology provides a mechanism to dispose of a wide range of waste streams by using them as feedstock that can be converted to synthesis gas (syngas).

This in turn can be used to generate electricity for export to the grid or for use within an enterprise. Unlike competitive techniques for converting municipal wastes to energy, the reactors do not produce toxic residues and have a small footprint, making them suitable for deployment at enterprise or community level.

The PowerHouse G3-UHt system economically and efficiently processes a wide range of waste streams, including hazardous and toxic material, into usable energy without producing toxic by-products.

The PHE G3-UHt system provides optimum recovery of energy contained in waste and biomass, including a total conversion of all organic content to syngas.

The low energy system remains easy to operate and offers and the highest energy recovery (power output per ton) commercially available today.

The modular system is also customer orientated, with adjustable setups that require a small footprint ensuring space isn’t an issue. It also means operating and maintenance costs are far lower than any common waste treatment plant, with only two people needed to maintain an active installation.


On-site Generation (or Distributed Generation) is developed with environmental forethought, fuel efficiency and consumer perspective in mind to provide a more flexible alternative to large centralized power plants and ageing utility grids.

PowerHouse works with fuel cells, micro-turbines and ultra-clean engines that conserve resources by generating energy more efficiently than the traditional supply from a utility and with minimal to zero emissions.

PowerHouse utilizes traditional and renewable fuels to generate energy while reducing emissions that would otherwise contribute to global climate change. We also have an open-technology approach, utilizing a complete portfolio of equipment to tailor the right solution for each client.

These concepts, commonly known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling and Power (CCP), are what make on-site energy so efficient and cost effective.

By having the energy system installed on-site, users are able to take advantage of co-generation; capturing the excess heat of combustion from the engine to yield thermal energy in the form of hot water for heating, or through absorption chillers, cold water for cooling.

PowerHouse’s on-site energy systems potentially qualify for generous government economic incentives and tax rebates designed to encourage and reward users that take responsibility for how their energy is generated.



Keith Allaun
Executive Chairman (PowerHouse Energy Group plc)

Mr. Allaun has a background in Venture Capital, Management Consulting and Executive Management. Mr. Allaun has worked with leading companies in emerging technologies for over 25 years. Educated at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, Mr. Allaun possesses an extensive background in management and brings a wealth of results-driven experience to PowerHouse Energy Group. Mr. Allaun has helped build or revitalize dozens of companies & organizations throughout his career including Linc Energy, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and Hewlett-Packard.


David Ryan
Non-Executive Director

David was the former CEO and Managing Director of Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ Oil & Gas Business Unit for the UK.

Prior to his employment with Thyssenkrupp, he founded and built a successful engineering consulting organisation, Energy & Power Limited, which was acquired by Thyssenkrupp in 2012.

He has over 30 years of increasingly complex engineering, business development, and project management experience. An expert in sophisticated design engineering, David will bring a breadth of project delivery, international business management, and general engineering acumen to the Board.


James Greenstreet
Non-Executive Director (PowerHouse Energy Group plc)

Mr. Greenstreet has over 20 years of corporate and structured finance experience. Having started his career at Arthur Andersen, Mr. Greenstreet joined BAE Systems in 1994 to work in the corporate finance team. During his time at BAE, Mr. Greenstreet worked on numerous asset financing and lease transactions, as well as a number of M&A transactions, including BAE’s acquisition of a minority stake in Saab Aircraft and the incorporation and capital raising for Oasis International Leasing in Abu Dhabi. After leaving BAE, Mr. Greenstreet held corporate finance positions at IBM and XL Capital, once more focussing on asset and lease finance. In 2001 he co-founded Orbis Capital a successful corporate and structured finance business. Over the past 10 years Mr. Greenstreet has been instrumental in sourcing, structuring, packaging and managing transactions for a number of high profile clients across a wide range of sectors.


Brent Fitzpatrick
Non-Executive Director (PowerHouse Energy Group plc)

Mr. Fitzpatrick has over 20 years experience as a corporate finance consultant. In the last 15 years he has been instrumental in advising a number of companies on their acquisitions and subsequent flotations. Mr. Fitzpatrick was Non-Executive Chairman of Global Marine Energy plc- an AIM listed oil services company and Non-Executive Chairman of Risk Alliance plc, an insurance broker consolidator. Mr. Fitzpatrick is alson an adviser to ECO Capital, a global clean tech fund and is a member of the Audit Committee Institute.


PowerHouse Energy Group plc
10b Russell Court,
Woolgate, Cottingley Business Park
Bingley, BD16 1PE, UK

Phone:    +44 (0) 203 368 6399

Email:     [email protected]

Nominated Adviser and Broker

WH Ireland
24 Martin Lane
London EC4R 0DR

+44 207 220 1666


Auditors and Reporting Accountants

Deloitte LLP
1 City Square
Leeds LS1 2AL
United Kingdom

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Fladgate LLP
16 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5DG, UK
DX: 37971 Kingsway

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Neville Registrars Limited
Neville House
18 Laurel Lane
West Midlands B63 3DA, UK

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