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Oil Capital
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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
Iofina-logo.png Iofina plc LSE £16.97m £0.13 1.92% ico_glass.png
jersey.png Jersey Oil and Gas PLC LSE £49.55m £2.27 4.61% ico_glass.png
Krisenergy-logo.png KrisEnergy SGX £- £- - ico_glass.png
1547116681_Mosman_Logo.png Mosman Oil And Gas Ltd AIM £1.84m £0.00 0.00% ico_glass.png
mytrah.png Mytrah Energy Ltd AIM £- £- - ico_glass.png
1529429710_Permex-210x114.png Permex Petroleum Corporation CSE £3.38m £0.09 3.13% ico_glass.png
plexus_2.png Plexus Holdings AIM £59.76m £0.60 -0.83% ico_glass.png
1533081817_pve[LOGO].jpg Po Valley Energy Ltd ASX £12.57m £0.02 -2.56% ico_glass.png
Picture1.png Point Loma Resources TSX-V £8.14m £0.11 0.00% ico_glass.png
1535548005_phe-logo-1.png PowerHouse Energy LSE £8.45m £0.00 0.00% ico_glass.png
prairie.png Prairie Provident Resources TSX £20.05m £0.12 -2.38% ico_glass.png
prov.png Providence Resources PLC AIM £78.59m £0.13 -1.87% ico_glass.png
PULSE_OIL.png Pulse Oil Corp TSX-V £13.54m £0.09 -2.94% ico_glass.png
range-energy.jpg Range Energy Resources Inc CSE £2.44m £0.00 0.00% ico_glass.png
1531300770_Red_Oak.png Red Oak Mining Corp TSX-V £3.84m £0.19 10.00% ico_glass.png
rose-logo-2.jpg Rose Petroleum PLC AIM £2.08m £0.01 -6.45% ico_glass.png
sdx_eNERGY.png SDX Energy Inc TSX-V £86.20m £0.42 0.00% ico_glass.png
solo.jpg Solo Oil PLC AIM £8.69m £0.01 -5.17% ico_glass.png
sound-energy-logo-1.png Sound Energy PLC AIM £236.35m £0.22 -0.89% ico_glass.png
tlou.png Tlou Energy Ltd AIM £25.16m £0.06 -1.60% ico_glass.png
touchstone.gif Touchstone Exploration Inc AIM £19.52m £0.12 -2.02% ico_glass.png
1539600888_Tower_Resources.png Tower Resources PLC AIM £5.09m £0.01 -2.70% ico_glass.png
Union-Jack-Logo.png Union Jack Oil PLC AIM £7.61m £0.00 5.88% ico_glass.png
1550590580_United_Oil_and_Gas.png United Oil & Gas PLC AIM £12.61m £0.04 0.00% ico_glass.png
us_oil_and_gas_logo.png US Oil and Gas PRIVATE-UK £- £- - ico_glass.png
Victoria-logo.png Victoria Oil & Gas PLC AIM £20.31m £0.14 -0.66% ico_glass.png
1503979026_wbe[LOGO].jpg Whitebark Energy Ltd ASX £3.83m £0.00 12.50% ico_glass.png

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Oil Capital, a subsidiary of Proactive Investors, acts as the vanguard for listed oil companies to interact with institutional and highly capitalised investors.
Headquartered in London, Oil Capital is led by a team of Europe's leading analysts and journalists, publishing daily content, covering all key movements in the Technology market.