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Active Energy Group targets Polish coal dumps with CoalSwitch venture

Poland is considered one of the most polluting coal-burning countries in Europe
Poland relies heavily on coal

Active Energy Group PLC (LON:AEG)  is to work with Polish group Cobant on a new "Super Fuel" combining CoalSwitch and reclaimed coal from slurry dumps in Upper Silesia.

Pawel Woszczyk, Cobant’s chief executive, said the waste coal accumulated in the coal slurry waste dumps can become a valuable feedstock and a real alternative for the power industry in Poland. 

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“Poland is historically bound to coal so a complete reversal and refocus on new fuel sources would be extremely difficult to implement.

"A new "Super Fuel" innovatively formed between coal and biomass would have significant implications for the economy and the environmentally friendly use of coal in Poland, including significantly reducing smog."

The joint venture will assess the best ratio for a combination of reclaimed coal and Active Energy's wood-derived CoalSwitch biomass alternative.

Sales will be in Poland initially but eventually roll-out across the European Union and central Europe, both for power stations and domestic users.

Richard Spinks, Active Energy’s chief executive said Poland is considered one of the most polluting coal-burning countries in Europe. 

WATCH: Active Energy inks CoalSwitch joint venture with Polish group Cobant

“The group's objective with this JVA with Cobant is to support this significant industry and regional employer in its efforts to meet its emissions targets and clean air requirements, whilst finding a use for their legacy and arising coal waste in a 'Super Fuel' blend.  

“Both Active Energy and Cobant believe this can be achieved by reconfiguring the feedstock of coal power plants to maximise output and enabling power plant operators to achieve their green credentials, whilst beating the mandated emission reduction targets set out by the European Union for 2020 and targeting the more ambitious targets for 2030.”

Shares rose 5% to 4.38p.

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